Vest Patch – Molon Labe – Right To Bear Arms – P4916-DS

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Vest Patch – Molon Labe – Right To Bear Arms – P4916-DS.


  • Molon Labe Spartan Helmet, The Right To Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed. American flag theme.
  • Dimensions: 4″ x 4″.
  • Embroidered patch for jackets and vests.
  • 100% rayon thread synthetic embroidery.
  • Plastic backing with Japanese iron on glue.
  • Customize your clothing with patches.
  • Sew on the patch to leather jackets or vests. Iron on the patch to denim materials.
  • Features plastic iron on backing. Heat press at 270 degrees Fahrenheit for 12-30 seconds.
  • Clean cut embroidered borders for easy sewing.
  • Free shipping.

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