History of Corsets

Waist Training 101.

History Of Corsets – Waist Training 101 – Corset FAQ

Madame Caplin Inventor of the CorsetWe put together the most frequently asked questions about corsets and waist training for our valued customers and store visitors. If you have any other questions that have not been answered here, please CONTACT US and we will add your question to this page. (Questions must be appropriate and not pornographic in nature). 

*PLEASE NOTE* We are not responsible in any way for any use or misuse of any corsets, waist trainers or other products we sell. Use at your own risk.


  • QUESTION: Are corsets used more for looks or for waist training?
  • ANSWER: Our customers buy them for both reasons. Corsets are an extremely sexy article of clothing and frankly one of the great benefits of wearing them is it cinches your waist into that beautiful hourglass figure. 
  • QUESTION: What is waist training?
  • ANSWER: Waist training is wearing a corset to “train” your waist to be smaller. Just like when you wear braces to train your teeth to be straighter or you wear larger gauge earrings to train your lobes into larger holes. 
  • QUESTION: Does waist training hurt?
  • ANSWER: It should not hurt if done properly. Of course you will feel a tightness or compression in your waist or midsection area. The pressure is not harmful to the body and if you do feel pain, you should discontinue use to allow your body time to heal. 
  • QUESTION: What is the purpose of the boning in a corset?
  • ANSWER: Boning (steel being the best) helps with waist training. Where fabric cannot pull your waist in without eventually giving out, the boning inside the corset helps the corset and you keep your shape and also prevents wrinkling of the corset fabric. Some corsets are made with plastic boning but sometimes after a period of time the plastic may eventually break. The metal / steel boning is more expensive but like with most things you get what you pay for and it will last much longer.
  • QUESTION: Who invented corsets?
  • ANSWER: Her name is Roxey Ann Caplin. She was a British writer and inventor but she was born in Canada in 1793.  
  • QUESTION: What is the difference between an overbust and underbust corset?
  • ANSWER: An underbust corset stops just below the breasts while an overbust corset covers the breasts.
  • QUESTION: How do you season or break in a corset?
  • ANSWER: The rule of 2. This means wear your new corset laced loosely at about a 2 inch reduction, do this for 2 hours per day, for 2 weeks. This helps to break in your corset and get the corset and your body adjusted and used to each other.  More time may be necessary for very thick or stiff fabric.
  • QUESTION: Where can I buy a corset online?
  • ANSWER: We are glad you asked! 🙂 Visit our Corset Department Store for a wide variety of styles, fabrics, colors, and designs.
  • QUESTION: Can a corset relieve my lower back pain and/or improve my posture?
  • ANSWER: When wearing a corset, your posture will be upright and confident and your figure will appear smooth, so over time, wearing a corset can definitely improve your posture. Some customers have reported that wearing a corset has helped their lower back pain. Of course, you should always consult your own doctor and get their advice for your particular situation.
  • QUESTION: Does a corset help with losing weight?
  • ANSWER: It can’t hurt. You would of course still need to follow a low calorie diet and get exercise, but wearing a corset will help you feel fuller and help you to not eat as much while wearing it. I wish someone would invent a corset that would make me skinny without having to diet or exercise! 🙂