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What is the meaning of a bell on a motorcycle? 

The bell on a motorcycle is believed to keep the motorcycle rider safe from gremlins on the highway. The bell scares the gremlins or road spirits away so they do not cause havoc and cause the motorcyclist to crash or get into an accident. The belief is that one should receive their bell from a friend rather than buy it for themselves. It’s up to you whether you buy it for yourself or if you are worried it won’t work, get someone to buy it for you for your birthday or Christmas or another celebration gift. We offer nearly 300 styles of spirit bells down below. You are sure to find one of interest for your favorite biker. Makes a great gift!
We offer a wide variety of motorcycle bells AKA gremlin bells, guardian bells, ride bells, or spirit bells. 

Legend Of The Bell:

It is thought that there are evil road spirits and they cannot live in the presence of the BELL. They get trapped in the hollow of the bell and because their hearing is supersensitive, the constant ringing of the bell and their confined spaces will drive them insane. Another legend is bikers are supposed to be given these as gifts from someone who loves and cares about their safety on the road. Buy your favorite biker a ride bell today!

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