Leather Motorcycle Vest - Men's - Up To Size 6XL - Side Laces - 10 Pocket - Big and Tall - DS146-DS Size Chart

Men's Leather Vests

Who Makes The Best Leather Motorcycle Vest?

Ghost Rider Leather sells the best leather motorcycle vests. Our most popular vest is made by First Manufacturing Co. It’s called The Sniper – Leather Motorcycle Vest. A leather vest would qualify as being the best leather motorcycle jacket if it is made of high quality, premium naked leather, has premium zippers and/or snaps that slide smoothly and stay closed securely, has a nice lining and has great stitching. If it has extra features that’s yet another reason that it qualifies to be on our best list. That would be the best leather motorcycle vest you can find. May we offer a suggestion? We have found that not only is this vest the best, it is one of our most popular leather motorcycle vests we offer. You can see the Best Sniper Leather Motorcycle Vest here.

Why Do Bikers Wear Leather Vests?

This is one of our most asked questions. First, bikers / motorcycle riders wear apparel made of leather for protection from flying debris while riding and in the case of a crash or fall it helps to protect the skin. Vests also are a great way to show your patches and/or motorcycle club colors and the pockets on leather motorcycle vests are invaluable because there is very little storage on a motorcycle. Many of our leather motorcycle vests have concealed carry pockets as well so that suits a whole other purpose.
Our men’s leather motorcycle vests come in sizes up to size 12XL. We try to offer a variety of styles and sizes that nearly everyone can wear and will like. Many of our beautiful vests also come with concealed carry gun pockets and lots of cool features.