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Men's Leather Chaps

The Most Asked Questions About Men’s Leather Chaps for Motorcycles.

How much are real leather chaps?

Most men’s leather chaps fall into a price range of $79.00 to $200.00. Remember here at Ghost Rider Leather you do not pay a penny extra for shipping (unless you choose an expedited shipping method) as we offer FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states of America.

Are motorcycle chaps worth it?

Most definitely! Leather motorcycle chaps are not just about a certain “look”, the most important reason to wear leather chaps is because they are made to protect your skin. If you fall or crash your motorcycle and you slide down that highway, your skin will be torn off your legs if you have no or little protection. You should always wear a good quality thick pair of jeans and then wear a good quality pair of leather chaps on top of that. If you have ever seen what road rash looks like, trust me, you do not want to experience the pain associated with it, never mind the permanent scars you will be left with. Leather chaps are an investment worth making and for what they do, spending about $150.00 or so on average for a good pair is well worth saving your skin.

What size leather chaps do I need?

We have a whole page dedicated to showing you how to measure for leather chaps here. But for the quick answer, you measure both of your thighs while wearing jeans and while sitting down. You measure the largest part of your thighs. Take the measurement of your largest thigh and add about an inch to that and choose your size from the size chart on the page of the leather chaps you are interested in buying.

Do leather chaps keep you warm?

Yes they do! It can get really cold when riding your motorcycle even during a hot summer at night especially. Most of our men’s leather chaps have a removeable lining so you can take the lining out when it’s not too cold out and put it in for those really cold times of the year.

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