Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Men’s – Up To Size 66 – Side Laces – 12-00-UN

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Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Men’s – Up To Size 66 – Side Laces – 12-00-UN.


  • Made of premium leather.
  • Standard length.
  • 1/2 belt detail with side laces. 
  • Big sizes available, up to size 66.
  • 4 exterior pockets.
  • 2 inside concealed carry pockets. 
  • Silver hardware. 
  • Full sleeve zip out liner.
  • Unik brand.
  • Free shipping.


  • Measure your chest and waist while wearing whatever type of clothing you would wear under your jacket, measure at the largest parts.
  • Take the largest of those two measurements and add 2-3 inches and choose your size from the size chart below. Take that figure and divide by 2. For example, if your chest measures 50 inches, adding 2-3 inches brings it to 53 inches. Take 53 inches, divide by two which gives you 26.5 inches. The size chart below shows the measurements across, not all the way around.
  • If your waist is larger than your chest, be sure to use the waist – bottom part of the size chart to choose your size.
  • Manufacturer’s size charts are meant as a guide only and may not be exact.
  • If you have trouble seeing the size chart below, scroll up to the jacket images and the size chart there can be enlarged.

Size chart for men's leather motorcycle jacket with side laces.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs



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