Saddlebags – PVC – Gun Pockets – Motorcycle Luggage – C-SD4090-NS-PV-DL

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Saddlebags – PVC – Gun Pockets – Motorcycle Luggage – C-SD4090-NS-PV-DL. Motorcycle storage solution.


  • Black, waterproof, heavy duty PVC saddlebag.
  • Elastic and Velcro strapping in each bag to secure handguns.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Including gun holster.
  • Bag holds its shape.
  • Dimensions – 13″W x 6.25″D x 10″H.
  • Universal Fitting.
  • Heat protection sheet on bottom.
  • Hard-plastic sheet on sides.
  • Nylon side pocket inside with elastic band.
  • Interior protective flap over opening with Velcro closure.
  • Outer flap comes with heavy-duty quick release clips.
  • Chrome roller buckles conceal quick release clips.
  • Bags connect via flaps that go over fender.
  • Flaps tie via nylon laces and zippered to bag.
  • Zippers to flap come with Velcro covers.
  • Each bag comes with removable sturdy carrying handles.
  • Padlocks with each bag for added security.
  • 4 tie down laces on sides.
  • Protective strip on bottom of bag.
  • Heat protection on side of bag.
  • NOT a Cooler bag. NOT intended to use with water & ice.
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How To Measure Your Motorcycle For Saddlebags:

In order for you to figure out what measurements your new saddlebags should be, please use the following instructions below. Since all motorcycles are different, use the pictures as a reference only.

  1. First, measure the horizontal distance from the edge of the rear turn signal to directly below where the rider’s lower back aligns on the seat (see Measurement 1).
  2. Next, measure the vertical distance from the exhaust pipe to approximately 2-3 inches below the top of the rear fender (see Measurement 2).
  3. When comparing saddlebag dimensions to your bike’s available space, remember that you need at least 1 inch clearance between the bottom of the bag and the exhaust pipe to prevent your bag from resting on the exhaust pipe and getting burned or damaged.

How To Size Your Motorcycle For Saddlebags

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