Rebel Flag Collection

Rebel Flag - Confederate Flag Collection

We offer a variety of items with the Rebel Flag on it. We are NOT politically correct here at Leather Lollipop. This is a flag of heritage, only liberals make it into something it's not.


We were being harassed by our PREVIOUS ecommerce platform (web host) SHOPIFY. They bullied, censored, and harassed us and gave us so many days to remove all items with the Confederate Flag. A bunch of SJW's that think everyone has to give a damn about their personal opinions. Now that we are moved, you can still buy the Rebel Flag products you love, see them below.

YOU have the right to buy what you want with YOUR MONEY. We must ALL fight back against censorship and tyranny!

Free shipping to lower 48 states of America for all of our hats and caps.

12 of 22 Items
12 of 22 Items