Men’s Leather Chaps – Motorcycle – Unisex – Big – Up To 10XL – DS-400-DS

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Men’s or Women’s Leather Chaps – Motorcycle – Unisex – Big – Up To 10XL – DS-400-DS.


  • Made of milled promo cowhide leather. 1.2-1.3mm.
  • Standard length.
  • Coin pocket, basic leather chaps.
  • Underlining for comfortable riding in hot or cold weather.
  • Unfinished hem for trimming to correct size.
  • Heavy snaps and heavy duty zippers.
  • Free shipping.


  • Measure each thigh while wearing jeans or whatever you would normally wear under your chaps.
  • Measure your thighs while sitting as well, as most of us expand a bit when we sit.
  • Take the largest of those two measurements and add 2-4 inches (depending on if you prefer a tighter fit or looser fit) to it and choose your size from the size chart below.
  • Manufacturer’s size charts for meant as a guide only, they may not be exact.

Size chart for men's leather chaps.


  • The waist is adjustable with the built in belt and lacing in the back of the waist area.
  • The length is adjustable, all chaps come without being hemmed, leather does not fray so it is left this way so you can cut off any part that is too long. VERY IMPORTANT: Measure length while SITTING DOWN. If you measure them while standing and cut them off, you will end up with chaps a little bit shorter than you want and once they are cut you cannot exchange them, so measure while sitting down and cut straight across with a sharp pair of scissors. Better to measure twice and cut once.
  • The thigh is the most important measurement because in most cases it is not adjustable. Chaps that have a stretchy inner thigh panel or lacing are a little bit adjustable, but for most chaps, make sure your measurements are accurate.

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