Helmet Care Kit – Package Of 6 Sets – Cleaning – Cloth – Motorcycle Detailing – CK6-DH

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Helmet Care Kit – Cleaning – Cloth – Motorcycle Detailing – CK6-DH.

Package of SIX Boxes or KITS. Cannot be broken up. Great for gifts or a motorcycle club, gas station to resell, etc. 


  • Helmet Care Kit from Daytona Helmets.
  • Each box or set includes: 1 Microfiber Cloth +1 Bottle of all purpose protective detailer + 1 Bottle of helmet odor remover + 1 Bottle of rain repelling visor cleaner. You get SIX SETS.
  • Made for Daytona Helmets brand motorcycle helmets but should be fine with other brands as well. Test on an inconspicuous area.
  • Free shipping.

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