Cycle Care – NewSpoke – Spoke Cleaner and Brightener – 22 oz – Motorcycle Detailing – 16022-DS

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Cycle Care – NewSpoke – Spoke Cleaner and Brightener – 22 oz – Motorcycle Detailing – 16022-DS.


  • Cycle Care Formula NewSpoke cleans brake dust from areas that are immoveable and unreachable with wheel cleaners, string laces, towels or brushes. NewSpoke removes brake dust, dirt and road film leaving aluminum, stainless steel and chrome spokes clean and bright. NewSpoke is safe on brake rotors, calipers, pads, tires and all metal.
  • It has never been this easy to clean spoke wheels. Spray on, wait 3 minutes, blast with hose nozzle pressure or pressure washer and you have NewSpokes!
  • Harley Davidson spokes, for model year 2006 and older, are cadmium coated steel spokes. The NewSpoke product will completely remove all brake dust, oil, grease and most rust from the chrome rims, aluminum and chrome hubs of your wheels. However, on the Cadmium coated spokes, on years mentioned above, the product will grey the spokes. All of the parts will be spotlessly clean, but the spokes will grey, and remove whats left (if any) of the Cadmium Coating. Most of the spokes of the 2006 vintage and older, the Cadmium has already been removed and look much better grey than dirty. The grey can easily be polished to a chrome like shine with the Cycle Care Formula M Metal polish (part# 55008). It takes a little time, but is quite easy and the results are worth it. If your spokes are clean and still cadmium coated, this product is NOT for you!
  • 22 oz. spray bottle.
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