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Welcome to Leather Lollipop!

Because we obtain our products from various manufacturers, your order may arrive in separate packages. We do not keep a large inventory here to decrease overhead and keep our prices as low as possible for our customers. Also, when you order from Leather Lollipop you will receive the newest possible product due to it not sitting around collecting dust for a long time. Some of our products like the leather lingerie, is custom made at the time you order it and is made especially for you!

Leather Lollipop is proud of our online reputation and proud of our excellent customer service. We strive to satisfy our customers and will do our very best to offer the most current leather goods available.

Please see our Exchange & Refunds Policies for information on our exchange policy. When you purchase from us, you are agreeing to our policies of no credit card refunds. We will be happy to exchange items, and we will exchange an item for you OR issue a STORE CREDIT if you are not ready to choose an exchange item.

Our leather products are made in various countries. Again, we offer the more affordable patched leather products up to a top grade quality of leather. The higher the price, the better quality of course.

We, here at Leather Lollipop realize not everyone has the funds to purchase the most expensive products, so we strive to offer various grades of leather, and we strive to keep our overhead as low as possible to be able to pass the savings on to our valued customers.

If you are interested in our products and have questions before you order please CONTACT US and we will reply very shortly. We want your questions answered BEFORE you place your order. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Of interest to our biker friends, we are a biker owned and operated company. We as the owners are in our 40's, we are retired military, we are a stable and reliable company. We own a beautiful Harley Davidson and we love to ride.

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Above all, we want you to be happy with your shopping experience at Leather Lollipop. If you have ideas, suggestions, or questions, please CONTACT US at any time, we will reply very shortly.

As always, Leather Lollipop appreciates your business!

Leather Lollipop is featured in Buyers Index!

CREDIT CARD POLICY: We only authorize your credit card when you place an order. We do not charge your credit card until we determine that the item(s) you have ordered are in stock. Your bank or credit card issuer places a "hold" on the funds that have been authorized. Normally this shows on your bank account as "pending". This means it's an authorization only and not a charge. We have no way to remove a "hold", only your bank or credit card issuer can do this for you. If the item is not in stock and you want the "hold" removed, only you can contact your bank or credit card issuer and ask them to remove the hold because the item you ordered is not in stock. If we were able to do this for you, we would gladly do it, but we have no way to do it. Each bank differs but the "hold" usually falls off after a certain period of time if it is not charged. The time varies depending on your bank or credit card issuer. We have no control of that.

Just an FYI. It takes 3-4 business days for a charge on your credit card to be processed by your bank or credit card issuer before the funds reach our account. However, we ship as soon as possible and most of the time it is well before we ever actually have the funds from your credit card in our account.