How To Try On Chaps

How do you put on leather chaps?

That is the 2nd most asked question after "What Size Leather Chaps Do I Wear"?

We will take you step by step on how to put leather chaps on. If you are a first time chaps wearer, this can be a hard thing to figure out but once you got it, baby, you got it!

  1. After taking out of the packaging, unzip and unsnap both legs of your chaps.
  2. Unbuckle the belt at the top of your chaps.
  3. First, put the belt on and buckle it around your waist. It can be a little loose to help you get the legs on then you can tighten the belt once you've got the legs done. (The buckle goes in front and if your chaps have grommets and lacing that part goes on the back).
  4. Start with one leg and note that the zipper and snaps belong on the outside of your leg. If you take the unzipped and unsnapped leg around through your inner thigh so that you have both zipper sides ready to meet on the outside of your leg.
  5. Bring the zipper pull all the way to the top of your leg and bring both sides together and close the zipper all the way down and close the snaps at the bottom
  6. Do the same thing with your other leg. Once you have both legs zipped and snapped close, you'll want to see if you need to cut any of the length at the bottom off.
  7. To make sure they fit correctly, you should be able to put your hand flat against the top of your thigh in between your jeans and chaps. Just barely fit it in and not be able to move it around. Like jeans, everyone has their personal preference of whether they like to wear tight chaps or have more breathing room.
  8. Sit down in a chair (like you would your motorcycle) and decide if your chaps are too long. Never measure them while standing because when you sit on your bike you will see that the chaps legs have ridden up a bit and once you cut off the bottom, there are no exchanges or returns. It's better for your chaps to be a bit too long than it is for them to be too short.
Men's Leather Motorcycle Chaps - How Do I Put On Chaps?

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