Helmet Size Charts

Size charts for our motorcycle helmets. We carry several different brands of helmets. Check the SKU number for the helmet you are interested in and the last two letters of the SKU number will tell you which Size Chart below to go by.


  • Measure around the largest part of your head, which is normally just above your eyebrows and your ears. Take that measurement and choose your size based on the helmet size charts below (depending on brand). If you are in between sizes, size up.
  • size-chart-helmet-head-model.png

SIZE CHART for Helmet SKU's ending in -DL


SIZE CHART for Helmet SKU's ending in -DH


SIZE CHART for Helmet SKU's ending in -HI

Size Chart for Motorcycle Helmets

 If you are having trouble finding a Size Chart for something in our store, you may contact us via the Contact Form below. Be sure to include the SKU number of the helmet you are inquiring about. We will email you the Size Chart or a link to the Size Chart in question. Thank you.