Helmet Laws By State

Helmet Laws by State.HELMET LAWS VARY BY STATE - Wearing a motorcycle for some is a personal decision. Others follow the law to the letter and want to know the laws in their particular state. I have outlined the basics here for your information. Please note that this is information from research and I am not a lawyer or legal consultant and cannot be held accountable for errors or misinformation. With the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, please note that a biker will make his or her own choice about whether to wear no helmet, wear a novelty helmet, or wear a DOT approved helmet. Helmet laws anger some people very much, as they feel they should not be told whether to wear a helmet. The statistics say that one will have a higher percentage of chance of surviving a motorcycle crash if you are wearing your helmet. Those against wearing a helmet say that it is NOT safer wearing a helmet if you are involved in a motorcycle crash.

Personally, my husband and I have always worn a DOT (Department of Transportation) approved helmet. My nephew was in a motorcycle accident and he was saved by wearing his DOT helmet and I know of some acquaintances of ours that were also saved by wearing their helmet. This is our decision and does not make us right or wrong, it's just our decision.

I do believe however, that some decisions should not be law made, they should be individual made. If someone is made aware of the risks and chooses to make the decision not to wear a helmet, it should be their right, however, I do not believe that the tax payers should be held liable for someones decision not to wear a helmet. Again that is my personal belief and I welcome those with other beliefs and opinions to post that information here.

I also believe that a child riding on your motorcycle with you, or an ATV or a dirt bike, should ALWAYS wear a DOT APPROVED HELMET for children. When they are old enough to make that decision they can, however if they are under 18 years old, I feel they should be required to wear a helmet. Again, that is my opinion.

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