Motorcycle Ride Bells

Motorcycle Ride Bells

Motorcycle ride bells, aka gremlin bells, spirit bells, guardian angel bells. 

When ever you see a biker with a bell you’ll know that he has been blessed with the most important thing in life — friendship from a fellow biker.

Others believe gremlins  live on motorcycles because they love to ride and are the cause of most bikers’ problems, like when the tires go flat, the horn won’t work or any several hundreds of things that can go wrong.

Evil road spirits can’t live near a bell because they get trapped in the hollow of the bell. Their hearing is hypersensitive so the constant ringing in a confined space drives them insane. They lose their grip and eventually fall onto the roadway. That is how potholes are formed.

If you buy your own bell, the magic will still work but if you receive one as a gift from a friend or a loved one the magic is doubled because out there somewhere you have a friend looking out for you.

If you steal a bell from a biker, you steal all the gremlins and the evil that comes with them. It is ill advised that you steal a bell, the consequences could be dire.

Ride bells are more of a tradition than a superstition among bikers… so they make a great gift for the rider in your life! 

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