Welcome to's Carbon Fiber information and help page. There are many people selling carbon fiber helmets but do you know if what you are buying is REAL or FAKE carbon fiber? We hope to help you here.

The NUMBER ONE way to tell if a helmet is FAKE Carbon Fiber? The price. When you see online stores claiming a helmet is real carbon fiber but they are charging you $39.95, guarantee you that is #FakeNews folks! That is cheap Made In China garbage they are passing off to you. How do we know? Because we've been selling motorcycle helmets since 2003 and wearing them since 1975 so we have just a bit of experience in this field. Our wholesale price is 2-3 times the $39.95 fake carbon fiber helmets we've seen a larger retail outlet selling them for. Even with the discount for buying a lot of them, there is NO WAY they could sell them for $39.95 and make any profit.

Again, we do sell real as well as fake, but we clearly label ours as fake but most of ours are real carbon fiber. We know you work hard for your money and we know that you, like us, don't like getting ripped off. We do sell a few fake carbon fiber helmets that are clearly labeled as such because some people just like the "look" but don't want to pay for the real thing. 

We sell both real and printed carbon fiber helmets, but we tell you EXACTLY what you are getting. The reason we sell both is some people cannot afford real, high quality, carbon fiber but they like the "look".
This is what REAL carbon fiber looks like. Know the difference.This is what FAKE Carbon Fiber Looks like. Know the difference before you buy. 
Our high quality carbon fiber helmets are made with 3K, 5 Harness Satin Weave Carbon Fiber. This Is the Heaviest, Tightest And Strongest Weave On The Market Giving You 50% More Carbon Fiber Per Ounce. Originally Created For The Aerospace Industry, We Know That We're Giving You The Absolute Best Carbon Fiber. Most Commonly And Readily Available Are The Light Weight Plain Twill Weaves Which Gives You Less Carbon Fiber Per Ounce. At The Same Time, Others May Use Dyed Fiberglass Or May Thicken Their Shells With A Fiberglass Backing Giving It A False Appearance.
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