How Shopify's Cancel Culture and Censorship Tried To Ruin My Business

Have you been a victim of #CancelCulture? I have and it's absolutely ridiculous. To think that there are people in America and Canada and indeed, all over the world that think that if you have different views or beliefs than they do, that you have no right to exist and indeed you should be canceled and ruined, the sooner the better.

Leather Lollipop was my first online store. I now have three online stores. In August of 2020, I received an email from the "legal department" of Shopify (my previous ecommerce platform or web host). The email was a threatening and I suppose it was meant to scare me into doing their will. The email said that I had so many days to remove any and all products from my store that depicted the Confederate Flag. They said that under their Acceptable Use Policy, they considered the Confederate Flag to be "hateful content". Though nowhere on that page of Shopify's site does it mention the Confederate Flag, I was told that THEY feel it is "hateful content".

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