Novelty Helmets - Yeah or Nay?

Novelty Helmets - Yeah or Nay?

What are novelty helmets? Novelty helmets are motorcycle helmets that are not D.O.T. (Department Of Transportation) approved for safety.

Why would someone wear a novelty helmet that is not safe? The answers are as varied as people are. Some people don't like a helmet that is thick with padding because they don't like how it looks. Novelty helmets are very lightly padded so as far as looks go, they fit smaller on the head and for many people that alone is the reason to wear them.

Some people wear them because the helmet laws in their state require them to wear a helmet and they put on a novelty helmet in hopes that they won't be pulled over because wearing no helmet ups the ante of being pulled over for not wearing a helmet at all.

Some people are very sensitive to anything that has a bit of weight to it, some say they get headaches from wearing a DOT approved helmet, so they choose to wear a novelty helmet.

Whatever your or their reasons are, just make sure you know the risk. You take that risk when you make the decision to wear a novelty helmet, but we do sell them because as an adult, you have the right to make your own decisions about your health and safety. We do not make judgments upon our customers and friends, so we offer both novelty and DOT Approved motorcycle helmets.

What is your opinion? Do you wear a novelty or a DOT helmet? Tell us why if you're so inclined.

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