A Bit About Vest Extenders

Did you know that vest extenders have a variety of uses?

Many think it's just a decoration and indeed that is one of its uses. Here's a couple of other ideas though.

Have you gained a little weight but don't want to buy a new vest or have to have all your patches re-sewn on to a new vest? No need to! Wear your vest extenders to create extra room with your current awesome vest with all your cool patches.

Vest extenders come in a huge variety of designs and styles. You can get plain ones or for example, American flag vest extenders or designs with skulls or jokers or angels or roses or butterflies or POW/MIA and many other designs.

Leather can be hot and if you live in the southern states especially, riding can be really hot, yet you still want to show your colors and wear your biker vest. You can with vest extenders! They keep you cool by allowing the wind to flow through while not allowing your vest to flop in the wind as you ride. We all know how annoying that can be!

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