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We will gladly accept the return of products that are defective due to defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship. Fulfillment mistakes that may be made which result in the shipment of incorrect products to you will also be accepted for return.

As of January 1, 2006 we have had to change our Return Policy. Please note our Exchange and Store Credit Policies as outlined below:



  1. Log into your account to request a Return Merchandise Authorization # (RMA#) Depending on what you have ordered and depending on IF an item you want to exchange for is available or in stock, will depend on whether or not we will issue an RMA#. Some items are one of a kind or special order or on clearance and cannot be exchanged for another size.
    See the image below which shows you how to request an RMA. If you never created your account, please email us at [email protected] and give us your name, order number, item SKU, what the issue or reason for return/exchange is. DO NOT SHIP ANYTHING TO US until you receive an RMA number and the correct address to ship it to. If you ship it to our office in Florida, you will incur delays AND you will incur an additional shipping expense because we will then have to re-ship your order to the correct warehouse.
    How To Request an RMA at LeatherLollipop.com
  2. You have 3 business days to request a return or size exchange from the day your order is delivered.
  3. In the email to us please advise reason for exchange, size or item you wish to exchange for.
  4. In the reply email from us, we will give you an EMA# and the correct address to return the item(s) to. 
  5. Do NOT return anything to us without an EMA# or we will not accept it and it will be returned to you postage due. (This is because we must give you the proper address to send your particular item to. We use many different suppliers and depending on item, you may be returning it directly to the manufacturer rather than to our office.
  6. Package up your UNWORN, UNDAMAGED, item(s).Pack neatly so as to avoid wrinkling. Items must be returned with all attached packaging, helmet bags if applicable, extra snaps or buttons if applicable, helmet boxes if applicable, etc. If all packaging is not included with the return there will be an additional fee charged which is 10% of the total amount of the item(s) returned to us without packaging, amount will depend on item and what is missing. We must be able to resell as new and cannot do so if you do not return all packaging and assorted parts that go with the item you ordered. We reserve the right to return the item(s) to you if they are worn, badly wrinkled, or if there is no packaging returned with the item(s). This 10% fee is known as our No Packaging Returned fee.
  7. It is the customers responsibility to carefully package, insure, and send the item(s) to us. If you do not get a tracking number or buy insurance for the package, we cannot and will not be held responsible for lost, damaged, stolen, or misplaced exchange orders.
  8. On the outside of the box, you must include the EMA# you were given. Put the number in big bold letters or the package may not be accepted by our suppliers.
  9. Inside the box please include a clearly written note with your name, address, and size or item you are exchanging for. We will charge the original credit card used for the original purchase to charge you for shipping and handling of the exchanged item.
  10. Reply to our email with Return Instructions OR use the Contact Form below, once you ship your exchange merchandise to us. Include the tracking number and date you shipped it back to us. Please note that once your order is shipped to you, you have three days in which to request your EMA#. Once you have your EMA#, you then have 5 days in which to send it back to us.


  1. NO REFUNDS ARE ISSUED unless an order is on backorder for more than 30 days.
  2. We normally do not charge your credit card until we have determined that your item(s) are in stock and ready to ship. On the rare occasion that we have charged your credit card and your order is not shipped right away (due to a suppliers glitch or inaccurate inventory numbers), we will ship your order within 30 days. If you do a dispute / chargeback, you will be charged the $39.00 Chargeback Fee that our credit card merchant account company will charge us. If you do not want to wait 30 days and wish to cancel your order, you MUST let us know in writing via email and give us 3 business days to respond. We will then issue you a refund if the order has not yet shipped. If you do not give us 3 business days to respond AFTER you have advised us you want a refund or plan to file a dispute / chargeback, then you will be responsible for the $39.00 Chargeback Fee.
  3. STORE CREDIT will be issued to you for any returns minus shipping and handling and minus a restocking fee of $25.00.
  4. PURCHASE AGREEMENT, you digitally signed our Purchase Agreement when you placed your order. These policies are legally binding, so please make sure you read them before you agree to them.


  1. Please measure carefully and remember it is extremely rare that you will need to exchange for a smaller size, nearly every size exchange is for a larger size. If there is a Size Chart on the page, follow the instructions with it for best fit.
  2. Remember, that it will cost you more money to do a size exchange because you will have to pay for shipping both ways.If you are in the 48 lower states in the USA and chose FREE SHIPPING, we pay for the shipping of your order, however, we do not and can not pay for shipping of size exchanges. If we do that, we will have to raise all of our prices which would be unfair to the majority of people who do NOT need to do a size exchange.
  3. If you are unsure what size to order, you may TEXT US at 850-913-9999 OR email us at [email protected] and give us the item sku number along with your appropriate measurements and we will help guide you to the right size. We cannot be responsible for inaccurate measuring on the customers part, so measure carefully and have someone help you if possible.
  1. TURNAROUND TIME: When we have you ship your item back to one of our suppliers, the turnaround time can vary greatly depending on which supplier and how busy they are, especially from September to December. Some suppliers are fast and will have your size exchange processed in 2-3 days. Other suppliers only do their size exchanges twice a month, so it could take them about 3 weeks to do a size exchange.
  2. Don't assume that because you wear a size Large in one brand, that you wear a size Large in every brand. Also, leather apparel does NOT run the same as your regular apparel sizes. For example if you normally wear a size XL shirt, it does not mean you wear an XL in a leather jacket or leather vest. This will vary, but you normally wear a larger size in a leather jacket or vest than you do in your shirt size. Go by the size chart on the page of the item you wish to order. If there is no size chart on the item page itself, you may contact us using the Contact Form BELOW if you have any questions.
  3. IF the item you receive is mislabeled with the wrong size, (that will be proven with measurements of the jacket), then you will not have to pay for the shipping of the exchanged jacket, (this is an extremely rare situation). 99.9% of the size exchanges are due to inaccurate measurements on the customers part or guessing what size to choose OR basing the size they choose based on what their shirt size is. 
  4. JACKET and VEST SIZING: For leather jackets and vests where the size is in numbers ( 42, 44, 46, etc.) it is much easier to choose the correct size. If a jacket or vest is a size 46, this means the chest of the jacket or vest itself is 46 inches. This is NOT your measurement. Measure your chest (while wearing what you normally will wear under your jacket). Take that measurement and add about 2-3 inches for breathing room. For example if your chest measurement is 46 inches, then choose a jacket or vest that is a size 48 for a regular fit or size 50 if you like a roomier fit.


If you wish to return your order to us, but do not yet know what you would like to replace it with, we will issue you a STORE CREDIT. The store credit will be the amount of the purchase price MINUS shipping and handling and MINUS a RESTOCKING FEE of $25.00. Your STORE CREDIT will be good for 60 days. You must use the STORE CREDIT within 60 DAYS or you will forfeit the STORE CREDIT. Please remember, NO REFUNDS, we will EXCHANGE merchandise ONLY. There are no exceptions to this rule for returned items. The restocking fee is because our suppliers charge US restocking fees when an item is returned to them rather than exchanged for another size.

Please note that CLEARANCE OR CLOSEOUT SPECIALS are NOT eligible for store credit or exchanges. This policy is clearly stated on each product that is not qualified for exchanges or credits.


Satisfaction Guaranteed or Return for Exchange Policy:

  • If you are not delighted with the quality or fit of an item you purchase here at Leather Lollipop, you may exchange it for another size, (IF the size you need is available).
  • If we or our suppliers ship you the wrong item or a defective item, we will replace it with the same item if available. You must Contact Us using the Contact Form BELOW ONLY in order to obtain an EMA# (Exchange Merchandise Authorization #).
  • Please note that colors sometimes look different due to photograph lighting and also due to different computer monitors. We try to describe the color, but sometimes the color may be different than you expected. This is not a defect, therefore this is not a reason for a refund.
  • When you make a purchase from LeatherLollipop.com there is a Checkout Agreement that you will electronically sign. Do not make a purchase if you disagree with this. You can also read the  Purchase Agreement.
  • CANCELLATION OF ORDER: Orders that are canceled are subject to a 15% OR a minimum of $12.00 cancellation fee to cover credit card processing fees and handling fees. Your order can only be CANCELED if the order has not yet been packed up or shipped. If you cancel your order AFTER it has been packaged up and is in the warehouse waiting for the shipper to pick up OR has already been shipped, then it is too late to cancel. Please understand that if the package is in the warehouse already packed up, there are too many packages out there for someone to go through to try to find yours. 
  • NO CREDIT CARD or CHECK or MONEY ORDER REFUNDS are available under any circumstances. We have this policy in effect in order to keep our prices low for ALL our valued customers. Unfortunately we have had a lot of people who have purchased multiple sizes of the same item, then kept the one that fit. This costs us lost revenue in the form of credit card fees, merchant fees, extra shipping costs for heavier packages, restocking fees from our suppliers, etc. Thank you for understanding.
  • IF you order the incorrect size and need to replace, please do NOT place the order again as your credit card will be charged again. Just obtain your Exchange Merchandise Authorization number, and send the item(s) to the address we will provide you and then we can send you an exchange item and only charge you for shipping of the second item. IF you do end up doing this, then a 25% restocking fee will be charged to the credit card you used to place the 2nd order.
  • WE NORMALLY DO NOT CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD, until we determine that your order is in stock. When you checkout and put in your credit card information, the system will check to make sure you have the money available on your credit card to make the purchase. It will "authorize" your card only. This puts a "hold" on the amount of money your order is for. After we determine that your order is in stock, only then do we charge your credit card. During the time that your funds are on "hold" by the bank, we do not have your money, the bank does, therefore there is nothing to refund or credit anyway.
  • In the RARE EVENT that we do issue you a refund for a returned item, there will be a RESTOCKING FEE of $25.00. You will then be credited to your credit card the purchase price MINUS shipping and handling and MINUS the RESTOCKING FEE of $25.00. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Lastly, please realize we appreciate each and every one of our customers. We must however enforce the above policies in order to keep our costs down and be able to pass those savings along to each and every one of our very valued customers.

  • Your shipping and billing address must both be on file with the bank or credit card issuer. We understand that sometimes you want to ship a gift to someone or you may want your order shipped to your work, which we understand. However, if your work address or other address is somewhere you have orders shipped to, simply contact your bank or credit card issuer and have them add those other addresses to your file. This protects yourself as well as we or any other merchants
  • CAREFULLY CHECK THAT YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT AND COMPLETE. Shippers like UPS and FEDEX are now charging us to change the address after it has been shipped and charging us again if they cannot find your address and have to ship it back to us. We can no longer absorb those charges and when this happens, we will have to charge you if you gave us the wrong or incomplete address.
  • We will have to charge you $11.00 if UPS tries to deliver to you and it turns out you gave us a wrong or incomplete address. They charge us $11.00 just to change the street number! So if your address is 123 and you make a typo and put in 124, even though that address may be across the street or next door, it is a WRONG address and UPS will charge us. In turn we will have to charge you.
  • If UPS or we cannot determine your correct address, then we will have to charge you two shipping charges. UPS will ship your package back to us and charge us for shipping it back. Then to ship it back out to you once we are able to determine your correct address, they will then charge us for shipping again. So, due to an incorrect address, you have now had to pay shipping twice. As we are sure you can understand, we cannot be responsible for paying for all this shipping due to your address being incorrect. So, please CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK that your have your address typed in correctly and completely.
  • WHAT IS A COMPLETE ADDRESS?A complete address includes your name, house number, apartment number, building number, suite number, floor number, street name, city, state and zip code. Any that apply to your address should be included. For international orders, this includes any province, county, postal code, apartment number, building number, etc. For example, many customers will put they live on 123 Main for example, (that is not a COMPLETE address). Is it 123 Main STREET? ROAD? BLVD? AVENUE? COURT? PLAZA? PLACE? CIRCLE? ETC. In many towns there are the same street names, but may end in Road, Street, Avenue, etc. Please make sure your address is complete. Some people forget to add they are in a unit #, or apartment # or building #, etc. You live there and you are paying for merchandise to be shipped to you, so do yourself and everyone a favor by making sure your address is complete, so your order reaches you in a timely fashion and with no extra charges to you.


We welcome you to purchase from us. We do have a few policies and some important information in regards to international orders, so please read below. If you do not read this page, I cannot be held responsible because you were not aware of the following information. Thank you.


  • ITALY (The Italian Government does not allow import of leather)



Shipment will take approximately 7-10 days from the time your payment CLEARS for INTERNATIONAL orders. This is because most items are shipped directly from the factory and they do not ship outside of the USA or Canada, so we must first have your order shipped to us, then once they arrive here, we'll ship them out to you.

Please remember, that your order will be shipped as soon as humanly possible and due to the above circumstances, it may take a little while.

Please also be aware that although the factory ships us the correct items 99% of the time, once in a blue moon they do make an error, and if that happens, we will have them ship us the correct item ASAP, but that will of course delay shipping your order to you by another few days.

Please do be advised that once we receive your order here, we thoroughly check your order to make sure it is the correct style, size, color, etc. We take every precaution to make sure you get what you ordered from us.

Why is my shipping charge higher than what I see on my package?This is because our suppliers do not ship internationally, so we must first pay for shipping to our offices, then we pay additional shipping to your destination. If you order more than one item, they may be from two or three different manufacturers and therefore we are paying for 2 or 3 shipping charges to our offices, then in turn, shipping all in one box to you.


We will only ship via the US Postal Services Express Mail International outside of the USA and Canada. For USA and CANADA, items are shipped factory direct and in MOST cases will be shipped via UPS or Fedex as the factories ONLY ship via UPS or Fedex. This is because we have had many packages come up missing when shipping via the less expensive methods such as Economy Parcel Post or Airmail Parcel Post. With economy or airmail, we get NO tracking numbers. Therefore if your package gets delayed or never shows up there is no way for us or you to track it. With Express Mail International (EMS) (3-5 days), we do get a tracking number and in my experience have not yet had any packages come up missing.

Thank you for understanding.


  1. Use the Contact Form BELOW to request an Exchange Merchandise Authorization # (EMA#) Depending on what you have ordered and depending on IF an item you want to exchange for is available or in stock, will depend on whether or not we will issue an EMA#. Some items are one of a kind or special order or on clearance and cannot be exchanged for another size.
  2. You have 3 business days to request a return or size exchange from the day your order is delivered.
  3. In the comments section to us below, please advise reason for exchange, size or item you wish to exchange for.
  4. In the reply email from us, we will give you an EMA# and the correct address to return the item(s) to. 
  5. Do NOT return anything to us without an EMA# or we will not accept it and it will be returned to you postage due. (This is because we must give you the proper address to send your particular item to. We use many different suppliers and depending on item, you may be returning it directly to the manufacturer rather than to our office.

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