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MOTORCYCLE LEATHERS are more than just fashion statements, they are protection for you out on the road. Have you ever seen someone who has been in a motorcycle crash and they had road rash? Road rash is happens when you drop your bike and skid down the road with nothing between the road and your skin.

Here is a picture of what road rash looks like, it's not pretty, however, there are MUCH worse cases than this one: This is what road rash looks like, not the worst case for sure, but bad enough. If he had been wearing a leather jacket when he dropped his bike, he would have been protected. Had he been wearing a motorcycle jacket he would not have had to suffer the pain and possible scarring that he has. It could also have been MUCH WORSE. Thankfully, he is ok, but the best way is to protect yourself by wearing leather jackets, leather chaps, leather vests, leather gloves, a DOT approved helmet and other such motorcycle safety equipment that is available.

But you say, it is too HOT in the summertime to wear a leather jacket. Yes, it can be hot, but there are perforated leather biker jackets available. There are also mesh type and perforated type cordura motorcycle jackets available as well, that are not as hot as the solid leather but will afford you much more protection than you would have on the road with NOTHING between the road and your skin. How much is your skin worth to you?

The term motorcycle leathers describes leather clothing worn by bikers or motorcyclists. There are many new styles and better quality leather jacket and chaps than there used to be. Just like everything else, there have been many improvements made to motorcycle leathers.

Here is an example of some of what a biker or motorcycle rider needs for safety:

Many of the modern leather jackets today have kidney belts built in and armour at certain stress points like elbows, back, shoulders, etc. to aid in protecting the motorcycle rider.

Please be careful out there on the road. We realize that no matter how careful you are there will always be someone in a car or truck that does not pay attention to someone on a motorcycle. Drivers PLEASE make yourself aware of your surroundings. A motorcyclist has no seatbelt to protect him if you cut him off or stop fast in front of him. He is likely to fly straight off his bike if you cut him off and make him have to apply his breaks really fast and hard. Next time you are out on the road please notice when there is a motorcycle rider out there and give him or her some space and do not follow too closely behind them either. This may cause someone to react in a bad way and lose control of his bike. Let's all of us be cautious and courteous of others so we can share the roadways with motorcycles and cars and trucks.