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Low Price Guarantee on Biker Leather

Low Price Guarantee on our biker leather at Leather Lollipop.

We strive to have the lowest prices with the highest quality possible at these low prices!  If you find a competitor online that has a lower price then we do for the same item INCLUDING their shipping charges, we will sell it to you at THEIR price PLUS 10% of the DIFFERENCE.  For instance:

Leather Lollipop Price:  $100.00

Competitors Price:  $95.00

Price Difference:  $5.00

Plus 10% of Difference:  $.50

Your Savings:  $5.50

To qualify for the 110% Low Price Guarantee, you must email us with the Competitors website address and exact url or page that the same item is on.  Price must include their ground shipping charge as our prices include FREE SHIPPING.  For instance if our price is $50.00 and the competitors price is $45.00, but they are charging you $10.00 for shipping, then their REAL PRICE is $55.00 thus our price is actually LOWER.

Does not include eBay auctions, the competitor must have a legitimate website store selling the same item including their shipping charges.