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GREAT NEWS!  Leather Lollipop is now ready to WHOLESALE to business customers.  If you are a business, with an EIN number or Resale Tax number, you are eligible to buy wholesale from us.  Please complete the form below and give us an estimate on the quantity of product you would be ordering and we will quote you the lowest prices possible.

We are proud of our retail business and we have had so many requests from business customers asking if we will wholesale to them, that we have made the decision to branch out.

If you have a motorcycle shop, clothing shop, bike repair shop, retail store, fashion clothing store, biker bar, roadside convenience store, or any other type of business looking to boost their sales with something new, check us out!  We will also dropship.  Dropshipping is a great way to not have to keep a bunch of inventory.  You sell our products, pay us at wholesale prices and we will drop ship them directly to your customer.  It's that simple! 

**NOTE**  You MUST be a legitimate business.  If you are buying from us to resell the product, then you are on the right page.  If you are buying for yourself, then the sale prices listed on the site are your LOW RETAIL prices.  Welcome and if you see anything we can do to improve our service to you, please let us know. First order is a minimum of $200.00.  After that we will drop ship directly to your customers one product at a time. Please note that free shipping is for our RETAIL customers only.

Wholesale Application

If you are a business and want to apply to be a wholesale customer, please complete this form.

1.*Your name?

2.*Your email address?

3.*Your business address and phone number?

4.*Your Resale Tax Number, include state it was issued in.

5.*Name of your company?

6.Your position with the company?

7.*Please give us an idea of which type of products you are most interested in, the quantity you expect to order, etc.

8.*How did you find us?
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 Link from another site
 Current retail customer

9.*Type of business.

10.Add any additional information or questions here.